Tuesday, January 14, 2014

730 Days With You

Two years ago today, we got married at the courthouse in Santa Barbara, after dating for exactly 3 years. It was fabulous, and although I may have screamed if you told me the timeline of events in the 2 years to follow, I'm pleased as pie to be where I am, when I am, today.

this is one of my favorite love songs...

I posted some wedding photos on Facebook shortly after our wedding, but I've never posted any here. It really was the perfect day. (Photos by Kappen Photography)

I was so pleased with our flowers, the details, the time of year, and the setting. Everything had special meanings, which is a big deal to me in making an event memorable. It's funny to me that I remember the day as perfect, yet would have changed so many details if I could do it over. I'd love to do a series of posts about an imaginary wedding and what I would have done differently (my entire look, a much larger guest list, more organized dancing and music, videography, first look instead of no-peeking) had I been more experienced. I think it's a cruel joke that most of us only get one shot at planning something so massive, and there's so much work that goes in to it. I would dread having to actually plan my wedding again, though. I - the Pinterest queen and uber-planner - could barely make a concrete decision on one detail! We had no particular color scheme, no table centerpieces planned, etc. etc., but everything came together in the end (a million, billion thanks to my mother). Here's a moodboard I made for our wedding after it had happened that I think captures the vibe. Unfortunately, it's been so long since I made it that I've lost my list of image credits, but you can definitely find most, if not all of them on my Pinterest, particularly here.

One thing I wouldn't change is my groom. I love that the marquee on the theater that day said "Mission Impossible," because there are moments when it feels that way, but through the grace of God, it isn't. Year #2 was significantly harder than the first, and it feels like we've been married much longer than 2 years, but I often come back to this poem by Patrick Phillips in difficult times, and it gives me perspective.

Falling by Patrick Phillips

The truth is that I fall in love
 so easily because
 it's easy.

 It happens
 a dozen times some days.
 I've lived whole lives,

 had children,
 grown old, and died
 in the arms of other women

 in no more time
 than it takes the 2-train
 to get from City Hall to Brooklyn,

 which brings me back
 to you: the only one
 I fall in love with

 at least once every day--
 not because
 there are no other

 lovely women in the world,
 but because each time,
 dying in their arms,

 I call your name.

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