Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Resolutions

Only in the last 2 or 3 years have I really enjoyed New Years. Last year, I was sad to see 2012 go, and this year, I will be glad to see 2013 over, but in general I like "starting over" (isn't it strange that we have so much riding on January 1st, when it's really up to us to change any day of the year?), especially since I've found my groove with the ol' resolutions.

I used to set goals like, "I won't be mean to anyone this year", and it made me very bah-humbug about setting goals. Ha. But last year I set some specific, attainable goals, and I stayed focused on them all year, which was rewarding. I love this illustration by Emily McDowell

Some friends asked us last week what our 10-year plan is, and I must say I'm not totally sure anymore. 10 years feels far away, and sometimes with kids, you've just gotta take one day at a time. I do have some new goals for 2014 though, and a recap of my 2013 goals.

2013 Goals:
  1. Complete at least one class.
  2. Complete at least one painting. (I started one, at least)
  3. Learn to use the grill/utilize the grill for meals. (I cooked on it a lot, but never lit it myself, does that count?)
  4. Be more generous. (I can't say I always gave with a generous heart, but I was less nit-picky about giving and sharing our money)
2014 Goals:
  1. Complete 2013's painting.
  2. Hang art and hardware in our home.
  3. Learn how to buy and prepare different kinds of fish in at least 3 ways, including raw. 
  4. Learn to be (or be intentional about being) open, obvious, and proud about/of Jesus as a pillar of my life. 
  5. Visit the V.S.R. (that's a private one at this point, but I have to write it down to keep myself accountable. As you may recall, Toad - from Frog and Toad - can not even chase after his lost to-do list if that was not on his list of things to do). 
  6. Make my blog pretty. 
I'm thinking I want to keep the educational goals, cooking goals, and "self-betterment" goals as continuous categories. I'm also wishing I could make goals for my spouse - don't we all? Mostly, I wish and hope that his job situation would be less stressful for him and our family this year. I asked him if he had any goals, and he said "figure out what I want to do with my life." I will do my best to support him in that - despite not being very specific, it's hard to completely fail on that one, right? 

I've been enjoying seeing everyone else's resolutions on Facebook. Best of luck to you all, and happy 2014.

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