Saturday, November 2, 2013

October In Review

The past week has felt more like winter than fall, and that makes me HAPPY. A few other things making me happy in October...

Music: The new collaboration between sisters Norah Jones and Anoushka Shankar (both daughters of Ravi Shankar, is that not wild??). I wasn't blown away by Active Child's new EP, but there are 2 songs on it that I like. This single from James Vincent McMorrow is worth a listen too, but my favorite might be this little piano piece by Emahoy Guebrou.

Best Bites: No new recipes, but I just have to say how much I love the grocery store Vallarta here in Santa Maria every time I go. It is SO pretty inside and they have cheap, incredibly delicious coconuts. Don't buy them all before I get more, but definitely check it out if you haven't been there before. They have an insane meat selection too.

Best of the Web:

October Events:
This time of year is always jam packed for us...

  • I bought, sold, and volunteered at the Moo La La Boutique consignment event on the 3rd-6th. It's one of those almost-cheesy mom events that I really want to pretend I am too cool for, but I am so not too cool for cheap gently used clothing. I totally love this event. I unashamedly raided the girl's section for my friend Cara's soon-to-be baby girl, too (yah!). 
  • On the 7th, I finally started back to school to earn my bachelor's in Middle Eastern Studies. I've already learned so much, and I'm stoked to be moving, however slowly, again. 
  • My parents traveled to Texas for a week, and we house sat and cooked for the rest of my siblings for the week. It was challenging at times and I was really glad to go back to our own home at the end, but glad we were able to help and hang out with my brothers and youngest sister. 
  • We bought a vintage couch, one of many in my life time, I suspect. Love it, and will instagram a picture when my living room is presentable. I also put up a mini-installation of wall art which I'm proud of myself for seeing through. 
  • Ishmael and I went with my parents down to Biola for a day to watch my sister Annelise accept her official nursing coat, which is a great mile stone. We also celebrated my dad and brother Jonathan's birthdays. 
  • Of lesser importance, I changed my hair for the first time in well over a year (that has to be a record for me!) and got way more excited about a last minute halloween costume than I expected too. 

Ishmael's 11th Month:
My little guy turned 1 on the 29th. To those who ask if I can't believe it's been a year already, I say... I actually can, haha. It's feels like a long time ago that he was an enormous newborn. He is remarkably sweet, and a little sassy, and I'm proud to say that I even have those tell-tale soul encompassing moments of mommy-baby-love now that I know him. I don't feel like I had that at first. This month, he started blowing bubbles in the bath of his own accord, and he can now get up and down from bed and couch by himself which he does over and over and over. He is amazing at baby sign language and takes a few steps every day. He can feed himself with a spoon a little bit, and definitely doesn't want me to feed him by hand anymore. He smiles and chats so much and is always looking at us to make sure we're as excited and proud of him as he is of himself. His dad can still make him laugh more than anyone and he respects Jonas' word the most as well, and I'm proud of them both for that. He adores dogs, music, and being outside. We celebrated his birthday with many balloons and friends and family - he wasn't as excited about cake as I expected him to be, but he was WAY more excited about unwrapping presents and was so responsive and engaged with all his new toys, which was incredibly sweet to watch. On his actual birthday, we played with him all day and I made him spaghetti for the first time. Jonas and I bought him a train set, and I had to laugh at myself realizing that even as his parents, we were the only ones who bought him something that he couldn't quite grasp yet. Total newbs. I also dressed him up as a skunk for Halloween, but the costume was too small, and he was furious. I'm very much looking forward to our next year with Ishmael.

October Love List: Flannel sheets, planning holiday meals. 


  1. Wow, some awesome links here. That photo essay of remote tribes is insane! So many beautiful photos. Can't imagine immersing myself into a culture like those to get those beautiful shots. Well done.

    Also, love the fashion show! Such amazing textures and silhouettes! great post :)


    1. Thanks Amber, I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for stopping by :)


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