Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September In Review

The beginning of September feels like ages ago and I'm not gonna lie, I'm not bummed it's over.

Music: My soundtrack for September was the new album from Janelle Monae, Alabama Shakes, London Grammar, Jim James, Grimes, Aqualung, and Valerie June's solo album. I love the funky vocals at the beginning of this Janelle Monae's "Electric Lady."

Screen Time: I finally saw Cameron Crowe's "Almost Famous" and loved it. Something that struck me about it was that it didn't try too hard to be edgy. It had innocence and sincerity in an age where film always has an agenda beyond being a good story. If you, too, have waited until now to see it, wait no longer.

Best Bites: Jonas and I had dinner at Luna Red in SLO for the first time which was a lot of fun (apart from the drunk ego-maniacs at a table 3 feet away) and the first time I'd had tapas. I was CRAZY about their prawn ceviche in coconut milk, and I can't wait to have it again, and maybe try my hand at it at home. We also enjoyed the Monday night buffet at Shalimar. I'm sad I didn't realize this until the end of summer, but I grilled a lot of leeks and romaine lettuce on the grill this month because those veggies are delicious when grilled.

Best of the Web:
  • A mom-artist let her 4-year-old complete her drawings. Golden. 

  • NY Fashion Week as concise bites of color
  • The best kind of travel journal
  • An awesome photo essay of women's post-baby bodies. 
  • This is old news for some, but if you've never seen Axe Cop, you have to. Especially if you have a little boy. 
  • I'm literally enraged. 
  • The only funny thing about this joke/video is the sound of a husband thinking his wife is really funny.
  • After Love Park was overhauled to discourage skaters, the park's designer had something to say about it. I love this guy. 

September Events: 

  • The main thing in September was the boys traveling to Oregon to visit Jonas's grandparents. I drove them down to Costa Mesa one weekend, then back the next. It was great to have some time to myself, but I'm happy to have them back. We also got to spend time with my sister Annelise and her boyfriend Andrew as well as Jonas's brothers Jason and Sky and their wives Danielle and Gina, including a trip to the SD Safari Zoo. My favorite exhibit was the bat cave!
  • I knocked out part of one of my 2013 resolutions while the boys were gone and started a painting! Acheiving all my goals is look fainting possible, actually. 
  • For my birthday, my parents and siblings gave Jonas and I tickets to go on a walking food tour of SLO. It was a blast! I wasn't blown away by the food, but we learned so much cool stuff about the city and definitely scouted out some spots that we'll be returning to, including the Jaffa Cafe and the interior of the SLO Mission. Ask me about all the crazy stuff I learned next time we hang out! 
  • I'm probably forgetting some important and momentous things... 

Ishmael's 10th Month: Ishmael can stand on his own - and does so more and more frequently - but he doesn't seem to realize it, and panics when he does. He doesn't seem very interested in walking at all. However, he is extremely LOUD and there's not much he loves more than flailing his arms in the air and shrieking with excitement while scrunching up his nose in a theatrical laugh/snort. He is crazy about the garden hose, the muddier the setting, the better. He's also crazy about petting animals and beckons to every cat he sees, while meowing at his stuffed kitties and biting stuffed doggies' noses. He sings along in church and is a fantastic clapper, whether it's in church, in response to "hooray" or "yah", or at the right spots during "if you're happy and you know it". He's eating most foods, thanks to a week away with Jonas, and came back from a week of traveling like a champ with stellar signing "more please" skills. Go dad, and go Ishmael!

September Love List: free time to make art, eyebrows. 

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