Saturday, August 31, 2013

August: My Birthday Month!

August is my favorite month, because it's my birthday month! :) I present to you, the highlights...

Music: I'm a Belieber!! But only for a 35 minutes (or 7 minutes, if I'm honest), and only because Bieber was edited into nonrecognition. That's right, "U Smile", 800 times slower than usual is glacially lovely. Another really interesting band I've been listening to is called Kill It Kid. Cold Speck's "Blank Maps", Valerie June's cover of "Be My Husband", and Foy Vance's "Be The Song" were much played songs this month, and I also enjoyed the bands/artists Graffiti6, Meshell Ndegeocello, and Trent Dabbs. My very favorite of all though, was probably LP's song "Tokyo Sunrise." I think LP relies a little too much on her [admittedly amazing] ability to belt out and hold a croon/scream, but one thing she has going that I 100% love is her style. Not least because when I showed Jonas a picture of her, he said it looked like me. I can live with Bob Dylan/LP being my celebrity look-alike. What do you think? LP on the left, me on the right several years ago. And another one of her, for good measure


Book: I recommend Julie Klam's book, "Friendkeeping", if you have any friends or have ever thought about having friends (just go buy it). It's less of a self help book, and more of a compilation of funny stories that makes you feel like someone out there "gets it", "it" being the varying dynamics we have with different friends and how to handle those. It's easy and delightful reading.

Screen Time: Jonas and I started watching the TV show "Parenthood", which is basically a well done soap opera, but especially if you have kids, you might enjoy it too. We've also been watching the latest season of Project Runway. Bradon is my favorite, I could do with less of Kate (YOU DON'T HAVE TO SMILE EVEN WHEN YOU'RE TALKING!).

Best Bites: I had lunch at Blush in Santa Barbara and thought their Lobster Mac N Cheese was mighty good. I did NOT care for my first ever margarita. At the SB farmer's market, I bought finger/caviar limes (fabulous texture and sort of perfumey), dragon fruit (gorgeous, but tastes like dirt), and passion fruit (been searching for so long, and it lived up to my expectations!). I ate at Eureka! Burger in SLO again and thoroughly enjoyed my Farmer's Market Special cocktail (a strawberry lemondrop).

Best of the Web: 
August Events:
  • Some exciting stuff happened at work with a press release I wrote about one of our products going into space. It was fun to do something out of the ordinary and then have other people be excited about it too. 
  • I also started another little job driving some kids to and from school and practices and such, which has been a learning experience (glimpse into the future??) and works nicely since I can have Ishmael in tow. 
  • I turned 22! I got to go on a bunch of fun birthday outings, including a day-trip to Malibu to see the Dum Dum Girls and Bleached, as well as have some great evenings in with family who cooked delicious things for me. I love my birthday. And I especially love all the cards my family hand-makes. 

Ishmael's 9th Month:
Ishmael loves forts and tents, most of all when Jonas and I prop up our comforter in bed with our legs. When we tell him "no", he shakes his head vigorously (though usually continues whatever he's doing). He likes to take his clothes off, sometimes, loves to be in a swing, and has learned to climb stairs like a pro. He hasn't quite figured out how to go down stairs though. He loves eggs - which he definitely didn't get from me - and he's learning some sign language ("all done", mostly). He "responds" with various gurgles when people ask questions or make remarks, regardless of whether they're directed at him. He's also started to throw fits when he doesn't get what he wants right away. It's not my favorite. The one thing people comment on most when they see him is how light his hair is getting.

August Love List: September issues of fashion magazines and my shiny new Samsung Galaxy S3 (even if it makes me want to yank my hair out half the time)! 


  1. Yay for passionfruit! It's amazing in everything. Especially when fresh mint leaves are also involved. And I loved that you linked to my modern met - so much wonderful art! I thought that particular post was really beautiful/poignant. Happy birthday, lovely :)

    1. I really hope I can find passionfruit again! I'll have to try it with mint. :D


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