Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How To Dress Well: Baby Boy Edition

When Jonas and I found out that I was pregnant, we both felt like our baby would be a boy, almost immediately. After thinking "boy, boy, boy" for a few months, I suddenly realized that there was a 50% chance that we would have a girl, and that I should probably mentally prepare for that possibility. But, I kind of over-corrected to the point where I was really planning for a girl and when we got the telling ultrasound, I was kinda bummed that I didn't get to buy all the girl clothes I'd been drooling over. This is just proof that God watches out for me, because we would be bankrupt by now if I had any reason to buy baby girl clothes. Not that that stops me from buying some girl clothes... Photo: Maybe this is why 80% of strangers assume Ishmael is a girl? And I do NOT dress him in the girl clothes I collect, just to be clear. 

From what I've heard from older moms, boy's clothes used to be WAY more limited than they are now, and I believe them, but still, finding things that I'm proud to clothe my son in takes dedication. If I see one more applique truck or dinosaur, or powder blue in general, I will scream. I'm much more into kids looking like little adults. I know it's kind of pretentious (if you haven't met Quinoa yet, go do so now), but whatever. Don't take this all too seriously. As with my own style, I put on on the nearest outfit I can find on the floor 70% of the time, but that other 30%, man, it's go big or go home.

I expect this is especially true when you have your first child, but people give you so. much. stuff. Including a lot of clothes. Far be it from me to complain (could I be any snobbier than to refuse clothes I "fashionably disagree with"?) when I'm given things for Ishmael - never turn away free clothes! For one thing, babies grow so fast that I, at least, can't clothe them in haute cotoure at all times. I channel my energy into that 30% of outfits that I take Ishmael to church or parties in, and the rest of the time I'm genuinely grateful for everything else. I do keep a sniper in my window in case the fashion police come on those days though.

Left: An incredible teal velure jumper with pearly buttons that I found at a thrift store. I didn't have a very good selection of solids for him to wear underneath. Center: Oxford poetry club, baby. Gaudy Night, anyone? Right: Sweet shirt from my alien-hippy friend Brogran and the "professor pants."

Of course, Ishmael could care less at this point. In fact, the more layers and fancy stuff I put on him, the longer the dressing process, and the less he's thrilled with my mom skills. One thing people urge me to do is cut his mullet, yet somehow I feel that styling his hair or changing what it does naturally (at this point, at least) is a loss of innocence. Don't ask me how that coincides with me caring that his outfits are original every Sunday. The other thing people also care about is him wearing socks.

1st: Nothing better than a borrowed H&M burger shirt and a Puma track suit for relaxing in the hood. 2nd: We mix prints in this family. 3rd: We also wear French clothes, even if they're too small. 4th: Feeling global today... 

Though Ishmael has worn shoes about 3 times in his life, I can't resist buying them when I see an adorable (and well-priced, of course) pair. But guess what?!! The child has enormous heels, or something! I can't figure it out. I've measured the soles of his shoes to the soles of his feet many times, and by all accounts, they should fit him with room to spare, but I can't, for the life of me, get his heels to rest on the bottom of the shoe. I've tried so many times with various shoes and have more or less given up (at least until he's walking). Photos: (R) Ishmael's borrowed bunny overalls for Easter, complete with shoes that won't fit and a new bunny. (L) Found this little highland farmer on the premises. His cardigan is another French piece I'm proud of. 

So... back to clothes. Fashion-conscious clothes for little boys, to be precise. Here's the low-down: for me, it's all about thrift stores, borrowing from friends, vintage, consignment, clearance racks, etc. I loved the Moo-La-La Boutique hosted at the SM fair grounds bi-annually. I found french clothes (yah!) and some Harajuku Mini clothes too.

I've also found some Harajuku Mini pieces on the Target clearance rack that I'm sooo happy with. Thankfully, I don't think most of Santa Maria is really in to that look. More for me! I mean, Ishmael...! I even found this panda suit at consignment event, which I hurriedly snatched up (by which I mean got for a bargain on the last day because no one else wanted it. Crazies.). He wears it all the time, and his new green skull-and-plaid suit set is a favorite too (see the pants below). Here are some of my favorites that I put together on Polyvore (link has credits).

H&M Kids has some great stuff (I think the closest one with a kids department is in Ventura), especially on their sales rack. This ad campaign of theirs from 2012 is great [source].

Stella McCartney Kids is another favorite of mine, not least because I love everything Stella McCartney in general. However, they are definitely out of my price range. My favorite piece is on sale though, in case anyone wants to bribe me into having another baby. The picture after that is a collage (click for credits) I made of her other designs that are a bit more vibrant.

Here's a brand I only recently discovered, and know very little about, Mini Rodini. But how gorgeous are these clothes?! I adore that padded blue leapord suit on the upper left, and the simplicity of the grey jumper with the offset jumper is probably the epitome of baby-boy clothing design in my eyes (credits). That leapord print jumper is pretty fabulous too. I guess I just want all of them.

If you want to see even MORE little-boy fashions that I like, click on over to my Pinterest board and feast your eyes. Where do you shop for your kids? Do you have any pet peeves in children's wear design? I'd love to hear. Truly, I would....

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