Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Paint Swatch: Turnip The Beet

Lately I have been gaga for this pink-red-purple color. I have jeans this color, I have a shirt this color, I have pillows this color, I even have a kitchen table in this color. I think of it as "beet," though the paint color at Home Depot was called "sangria" and I can imagine a host of other names, as it's a nice blend of several colors. Here's a little color moodboard I made (image credits here) for inspiration, followed by a little sneak peak of my kitchen.

Jonas's brother and sister-in-law gave us their old craft table, which we've found very useful as a dining room table since we've been married. But I recently got the bug to repaint all my dingy second-hand furniture - like ya do - and I couldn't get the idea of a pink dining table out of my head.

It still needs some coats on the legs and a sealing coat, but I like it better already. I found some beautiful dahlias at the farmer's market this afternoon which match perfectly, and I am all the more excited for them because they were the focal-point flowers in my wedding bouquet.

Would you ever paint your kitchen table a color? Which color would you choose?

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