Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mom Jeans

I just saw this (above) on a stand at the checkout line and it made me giggle. Oh, Kim. On the one hand, she is such a diva. On the other, I hear ya, girl. Weight gain (I weighed near to 150% of my original weight when I was checked in to the hospital to have Ishmael) during pregnancy and then dealing with my changed body post-pregnancy was much more drastic than I had anticipated. [image]

Ishmael will be 6 months old in two days though, and I'm relieved that I'm feeling mostly back to my normal shape. My goal was to fit into the pink leopard jeans I bought when I was pregnant. I definitely did not fit into them when I was pregnant. I hated seeing cute clothes and not being able to buy them because I had no idea what my body would be doing down the road, but it probably saved me a lot of money. I call them my "mom jeans" and I pretty much got cat called by a biker gang today because of them. I totally ignored those guys, but I can't say it didn't make me feel a little bit good inside. I decided to take some pictures for you, complete with my incredibly impractical wedding reception heels, that may or may not make this outfit look like a hooker's. But I like them. And Ishmael does too, from within his prison. I mean, come on, they even have skull rivets. AND were the one and only pair on clearance when I bought them. They're kind of an all around triumph for me.

My friend Kara wrote a good (and amusing) post on what (and what not) to wear post-pregnancy.
Don't worry, Kim, someday you'll feel sexy again. And I hope that someday you find a guy who says you're sexy when you're pregnant too. 

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  1. What! I totally commented the other day, but it's not here. Anyway, thanks for the shout out! And I am loving Ishmael's face in that last pic.


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