Saturday, April 6, 2013

Marbling vs. Ombre


This is fresh in that I haven't seen anyone do it in real life yet. And I really like it. And want some marbleized stuff in my house. This is definitely a trend that's come back from the 70s (?), but the colors are brighter now and I feel like it's "new again." And if Stella McCartney does it, I'm there.


I know, you don't want to be my friend anymore. I still think ombre looks great (particularly indigo on denim!), but it's become the default way to spruce anything up - walls, fingernails, spoons, tshirts, hair, you name it. I'm kind of impressed that it caught on so dramatically too, because it seems to me to be hard to actually make look good. I know it's gonna be around for a while longer still, so I'll just say I support the smooth ombre over the blocked ombres. Another reason to move on is the embarrassment that occurs when you try and talk about it and everyone pronounces it differently.

Marbling vs. Ombre free polls 

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