Saturday, July 23, 2011

Karissa & the Real World.

It's been a while. Which is actually a good thing. I feel like the people in my life fulfill all my needs of being heard and I have friends to share good pictures with and ideas. I'm not shutting down this blog, but I'm actually kind of proud that I'm fulfilling my urge to create and inspire and learn in "the real world". I'm still a documentation fiend though, and if you want to see where I'm pouring all my internet time, feel free to follow me on Pinterest. Go ahead, call me a hipster. :) Anyway, thanks for reading, as always, and maybe when I'm a little wife (come January!) I'll get back to blogging? Who's to say? When blogging becomes about updating friends who I don't see often about the life of my fabulous husband and I, then I will feel more efficient writing here. Until then, cheers. {image by Nemanja Knežević}

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