Sunday, April 24, 2011

To A Young Friend

I wrote this poem on 4/16/11.

Someone once said we are white
But even a child can see
That our skin is more like light
Beneath the cover of a lampshade

And I imagine you pale
With flesh the aura of bone
Floating in an achromatic viel 
Eyes scintillating  in the deep like a gemstone

When I see your tiny face
Your hair patterned roses on your skull
Echoes of piano falsettos resound in this place
Memories blurring from how it used to be, when

"Our wound was as deep as the sea
Who could heal us?"
This our repeated plea
As we watched each feather form

Then, amidst white knuckles and feverish joy
We held you in one hand, marvelous
And whispered reverently, Boy, 
"Soon we will have lived so long ago".

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