Sunday, November 7, 2010

PDA Saves Lives

It's hard to believe this semester will soon be over (then only one more before I bid AHC farewell!!!); for now I'm swamped in homework for classes I could do without and dreaming of the upcoming Holiday break. I plan to finally get my room under control, hand-make Christmas gifts, co-organize and attend dinner parties in an assortment of fancy dresses and listen to a heavy dose of Diana Krall (perfect for those who aren't a huge fan of Christmas music). 
This weekend Jonas and I attended a lovely party for our lovely friend Bri (much delighted to know her), and as a bonus, my mom took a picture of Jonas and I that is as good as GQ meets Vogue, if I do say so myself. ;) [see FB]  The next evening, we had a great coffee date and got kicked out of Starbucks eventually since we lost track of the time talking.  ^^ I like our church more and more and we may start going to a class there in several weeks which is exciting as it will be a step in getting more involved with the people there (as well as learning good skills) and of course make it that much harder to leave when the time comes. Alas. // This afternoon, Jonas and our friend Jaren and I cruised the pet shop with its delightful sights, sounds and smells (kidding) and my legs now hate me for having worn high heels.  In other church friends news, congratulations to James and Hailey who were wed on Friday and Michelle and John who were engaged today! :)
Just now, I'm listening to my brother pick out tunes on his guitar in another room.  I really like listening to him play and a minute ago he was doing something with the strings that was reminiscent of a Jew's (also called Mouth) harp, which just happens to be my latest favorite odd instrument. He's pretty much a rock star now - his hair is below his shoulders in the back when wet (and curly!). // I dropped my sister off for her first evening of work at the nicest restaurant in town (woop!) and had a nice dinner at the local Thai restaurant with my dad. 
But not to be forgotten, one of the best moments of today:  Jonas and I were saying goodbye in the parking lot outside the pet shop, as he had chores to do before work and I had oodles of homework.  We were taking our time a bit, hugging and what not and putting our faces close together (we weren't even kissing, as I recall).  All of a sudden, someone yells, "hey!" We were both worried that we were about to get a lecture on PDA from someone grumpy, but this young hipster-trucker guy with a big smile on his face says, "I know this won't mean anything to you, but it's great to see you two like that. Give the rest of us some hope!" Well let me just tell you, sir, it DID mean something to us! (it was kind of surreal - hard to re-imagine it as reality thinking back) It's hard to describe how special (and slightly awkward - I was blushing for like the next 2 minutes) it was.  I love it when strangers let you know (or I get the guts to tell strangers) that they've made my world a better place. I love Jonas and it makes it that much better that our joy can give others a smile too. [image via lyc]

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