Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bio-luminescent Dreams

I went to see Avatar today. I had very low expectations and was actually pretty impressed. the story/dialogue was nothing to jump up and down about, but that was quite forgotten for staring at the incredible world of Pandora. Bio-luminescent plants & copious amounts of hair feathers and beads make me giddy with art appreciation. Definitely see it if you can - it's groundbreaking, imagery wise. // I had a great time at Bass Lake - a taste of a true Church is an excellent thing. New friends, flume hike & thrift shopping - good stuff. I bought 2 buffalo teeth that I've made into some rockin' earrings, some cute white tennis shoes to paint & a sweet little striped shirt for a baby when I get to that point in life. Here's my favorite photo from the trip - Kenna & Cormac (I had fun poladroiding it :)).

Sometimes I get an urge to just get up and go somewhere and insight change in my life. Next weekend, Jonas and I and possibly my mom plan to cruise Fullerton with Rocky to get a feel for things. I hope it's stellar. These pictures remind me of adventures to come {by Jeff Luker}. The squirrel isn't dead, just sleeping....

As of January 14th, Jonas and I have been together for a year. High five, kid. I love you.

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