Saturday, December 12, 2009


I went to Starbucks last night with Jonas and not long after we'd gotten there, Alex, Alyssa and Tori came in too. The boys got into a no-blink staring contest which ended in a truce after neither had blinked for an hour (!!!), there were stinging tears running down their faces and the girls wanted to go home. I'm not quite sure what to say about it. // Tonight I am babysitting in place of my sister. I can't even remember the last time I babysat, so it should be interesting. // I had been working on a wedding inspiration board (collecting photos, that is) but when I went to try and put it together finally, I realized it would work better as two separate boards. So here is my debut blogged wedding inspiration board. Check back for the second installment later. :: The theme is breakfast in January & the colors are white, grey & robin's egg blue.

{Image credits - Top row: 1. Shauna Faust 2. via Creature Comforts 3. via Crafty My Bride / Middle row: 4. Misty Bliss Flikr 5. Anna Kuperberg / Bottom row: 6. Julia 7. via Bedlam of Beefy 8. Arte Bebe 9. unknown} // Hope you are staying warm. :) {Cedric Bihr}

{link to MM}

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  1. what an hour!?? that cant be, i last for about a min with out blinking, ha.
    that picture you had a while back of the wave, i just saw it in a mag, pretty cool!


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