Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I've been collecting things to share as fast (if not faster) than usual, and not posting (!!) so it's all piling up. O.o I'm also starting to slide into a tendency to do what looks dangerously like wedding blogging (*gasp*). Not that his has anything to do with it, but I wore a long flowy red&white polka dot skirt of my mum's to school today and it was great. :D (Nothing wedding-ish in this post is my goal, but next post... beware!)

First, a delectable series from Jack Adams. I can't find a website for him - he was featured in a Beijing online fashion mag (which has asked for permission to feature some of my lookbook photos!! More on that later) which you can download here. I love the simplicity and homeliness.

Next, on to typography/fonts, if that's the right term for these. The following are by Gesa Hansen and Craig Ward. The Hansen one (#1) I like because it's colorful and simple and I could totally recreate it! Ward's work, on the other hand, I could never recreate, but it's so artful and intruiging. 


And some more "inspiration board" type photos, which smell faintly of sunshine. ^^ (the second photo is Cynthia Warren's desk - her work is worth peeking at!).

Okla, I'm done. Down to TO this weekend for Genna's 16th! I have some fun pictures of the TO crowd to share, hopefully soon! Oh, and I got my self portrait back from my painting teacher today, so photos soon (really, I hope!). ^^

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