Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Case of the Feasties

So, I'm not a party person. And rarely do I follow through on my host of grandiose ideas. However, something I am really excited about for my coming marriage to the handsome and food-appreciating Mr. Jonas is the chance to make mini banquettes whenever we want! Walking through the grocery store today, I wanted to buy Cornish game hens, octopus tentacles, cloves, kabob skewers... All things I'm sure we'll need (read: determined to find a use for), yet have no where to put at the moment (checking out a studio on Monday). Good food is important to both of us, and I also want holidays to be special in our new family. Both of our families tend to have fairly traditional holiday meals, although this year I've heard rumors of pulled turkey tacos with cranberry salsa at my house and a duck at my almost-in-laws, huzzah! Maybe I still won't be in charge of menu planning next year, but if I were, I present to you, my fantasy Thanksgiving spread for two: 
1. Minty Apricot in White Wine Starter
2. Hearts of Palm & Avacado Salad
3. Creamy Cider Apple Chicken Pasta with Mushroom Sauce and Butter Apples
4. Pavlova with Nutmeg Cream and Cranberry Compote

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

US 101

The sparkling cesspool of humanity
What we call the view from speeding highways
The space between places
Where the rending, healing, growing comes

Gauged in your glowing speedometer
A celadon sea, a deep tooth ache
My love, don't think so hard, just find
Your way home by the coursing artery compass

That you feel beneath my skin
Calling us, like the warmth of our child's imagined smile
We're raw, spilled out, then curled together
Sheltered from every novel ending, every tragic ending

Now, pleasure in the knowledge of choosing
To let meaning escape, secret nuances 
Become lost in the ether of space, instead
Les Feux D'Artifice T'Appellent

I wrote this on 11/01/11 {photo, via Parker}
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