Tuesday, February 23, 2016

642 Prompts: New Tenants

Artwork by Olaf Hajek 

Prompt: The people who will live in your house after you move out.


The uneven paint seams unnerved them. They assumed I must have been a sloppy person. They "refurbished" all the decay I called character. No appreciation for the decrepit and useless fruit-drying vents in the floor. They got rid of the green claw-foot tub. They ripped out the blackberry brambles and put in gravel. They called the gold ceilings gaudy. They swapped the whistling beveled panes for air tight glass that you can see miles away through. They amputated every vine fingering this home, the bastards. In fact, they let every vagabond who rolled up the cul de sac traipse through that old place and they sold off my collections, my monuments, my mementos, for $2-5. They gutted and de-souled that home until it was just a house - somebody else's house. But their daughter put an orchid in her window, and that's something. 


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  2. This kind of hits home, living in a house that is around 100 years old and has been in my mother's family for 70 years... it's now on the market per unfortunate events. It's in such poor shape but it's the place I grew up and have learned to love so well.. from the warped ceilings to the worn 1970s patterned kitchen flooring - even each of the roses and fruit trees planted in the yard by my great grandfather - I will fondly miss when we have to move.


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