Tuesday, September 22, 2015

642 Prompts: The Lazy Son

Prompt: A woman is struggling to get a large package into the trunk of her car. Her son doesn't get out of the car to help her. Write the scene.


The boy is leaning against the door, staring at the unknown through his sunglasses. Or perhaps he's staring straight at his mother, but remains absolutely motionless. It's most likely the hottest day of the year, but all the windows are shut tightly.

Standing in a doorway across the street, shading myself in the shadows and puffing at my cigarette, I wonder - at what point do you call the police on a negligent mother, even if the child is able to care for himself? Or is he the careless one, sitting in there with the AC on, watching her struggle to move each industrial sized tupperware of guts into the car?

I hate to promote stereotypes, but the only explanation I can conjure is that she runs a street food stall selling menudo. Her strong Latina hands can probably put the fear of God into that child if she so pleases.

Another car drives by slowly and I see the passenger stare hard and pull out a phone. Whatever. People are so paranoid and racist these days. Why can't the lady have an equal chance to wear her body down in search of the American Dream? Why can't that little brat enjoy some laziness? I'm not going to spend my time doing someone else's parenting. She slams the trunk and pulls out.

Two nights later, I read in the newspaper about a woman who had been arrested on my block. She had kidnapped a boy and left his dead body in her car, along with vats of pig guts in her trunk. They also found three human livers. 

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