Friday, August 14, 2015

642 Prompts: The Ex's Wedding

I came upon this book, 642 Things to Write About at a thrift store the other day. Naturally, I bought it, because I have nothing else to do in my life. Also ignore the fact that I already have 131 drafts of posts that I could work on instead. 

My good friend Taylor recently shared some prose with me that he wrote as part of an exercise, simply to push himself as a writer. Um, why am I not doing this? I have aspirations of writing all kinds of books, eventually. A memoir, a cookbook, a collection of poetry, a novel (???), among other ideas. These prompt responses aren't a huge time commitment, and I would love to hone my skills as a writer, so I'm planning to post my responses to the prompts here on the blog now and again. 

I hand-wrote this scene in the book and used up all the space, which explains why it is so short. I could use some training in brevity. 

Here's the first prompt: You are looking down through the skylight as chefs prepare dinner for your ex-fiance's wedding. 


I was glad to see that there was a tray of of pigs in a blanket. Pigs in a blanket? What is this? Third grade home room? "Costco Deluxe Events"? I couldn't believe that someone who was once in love with me could now be in love with someone who serves pigs in a blanket at a party that's supposed to express the flavor of one's romance.

I was glad to see this because I felt less certain that Anthony really belonged with me if he was marrying a Pig in a Blanket. I wish I could say I was a leather-clad vixen burglar, and that's what I was doing on this roof top, but I'm more of a pathetic drunk with an ungodly ability to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I looked down again at the mini weenie fest unfolding below, only to see the last one disappearing into the mouth of the sous chef's daughter. I had missed her before, sitting under the 5th industrial sink, coloring with crayons. The other thing I missed that night was the fact that a room away, Anthony was pledging his life away to two men.

Nothing is ever as it seems. 

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