Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chain Links 111310

  • A pretty fab blog, especially if you love orange. 
  • "Dope" spray paint mural from start to finish (sped up) by a friend of a co-worker. Actually pretty incredible. 
  • Poetically penned (by which I mean typed) definitions of made up words that I don't understand. 
  • Me (or my work) on other people's blogs. :) 1. One of my wedding boards on a pink french blog. 2. Photo/recap taken by my friend Sarah (looking a bit frowny with my old braces under my closed lips ^^).
  • A geo-caching-esque treasure hunt for computer nerds. AWESOME. 
  • I love sites with Flash and I love love lists. Kate Spade has both
  • Photographer Christopher Wilson catches and creates amazing moments
  • Yulia Brodskaya's incredible paper art. // Inspires me to keep working toward an art major & keep up my Christmas shopping. 

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