Sunday, August 8, 2010

An Inkling

This post is for my friend Vonne who would like ideas for a tattoo. People ask Jonas (& sometimes me) to draw them tattoos all the time which is flattering, but also scary because it's kind of like you have a responsibility to create something worth putting on someone's skin forever. Anyway, I can't really draw, but collecting pictures happens to be a strength of mine. So here are some I've been saving up for just such a post, as well as a few notes on them. // I'm a big fan of meaningful word tattoos in handwriting fonts. Also, tight, colorful, shaded sleeves on women (tight as in not a whole bunch of tattoos in one space but a continuous piece - narrative or multi-subject welcome -, a good range of color and good shading). Sorry I don't really have any good photos of those. I think tattoos should look like art. I also think you should stay away from things you wouldn't want to show your grandkids (in case it's just a passing fad, ya know?) and away from places that are extra wrinkle prone (I hear that a bit below the actual wrist is better than on the wrist, as far as wrinkle control). Then all the regular mumbo jumbo about whether or not you can cover it, whether or not you can see it yourself or if it's facing you, ... blah blah, you already know this. // Here are some previous posts of mine with more tattoo thoughts/photos. A, B, C. I can't remember whether I mentioned this in another post, but if you go with text, it's easy to look up cool fonts (try dafont) or have a friend who does calligraphy show you a few moves. And for the LOVE, if you get something in a foreign language, have someone who speaks that language verify its meaning first. // 1. I'm so into photo-realistic flowers. I would love a cascading bouquet (like tossed out a window, but still close together... can you envision it?) or a close up jungle mayhem on my entire back {via Ashley Lynn Fry...?). 2. Daughter's names on a dude's arm :j {"dunlap"}. 3. I just swoon over henna every time, though it's not quite a "real" tattoo and orange is not my fave {via loveyourchaos}. 4.Or go the secret route. This one looks so special. The words coincidentally remind me of that hymn "I'll fly away, oh glory, I'll fly away...". The first time I heard that it was a sad day and a special memory to me. That's a good sort of reason for a tattoo, I think {via loveyourchaos}. 5. I don't actually like this, but somehow I'm still compelled to post it because it's inexplicably nice {via Julia}. 6. Not the hugest fan of this one either, but it's... cute {sadie harris}. 7. YUM, is what I have to say about this one {"hippotamer tumblr"). 8. Two types of sleeves... both pretty chill. I like combinations of hard lines, like his left arm, with filled in stuff like his right. Sort of like accentuating outlines, but mos def in color! {by Sarah}// Ok, I'm done. :)

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