Sunday, July 25, 2010

Someones Old, Something New

This week, twice, I got a chance to talk with some older friends of mine. There's this guy at the Starbucks Jonas and I frequent who we've become friends with. He has white hair and is an excellent magician. He hasn't done any tricks for us in a while, but this week we talked to him for at least an hour. We talked about business models, how to catch flies, and how cameras sometimes just can't capture the beauty of a summer river bed. Then, I made a new friend at a bridal shower I went to this week. This elderly lady was probably the funniest person I came in contact with all week. She has milky blue eyes and she and her daughter were plotting to throw water on the other guests for not sitting at us (the fun table). Haha! I often worry about growing old in America - no one cares to listen to you any more. This is a sad country to be old in. But these friends of mine give me hope for the later years of my life in case I don't make it to a little bungalow on a white sand beach when I'm quite old.
This week is my "summer" week. Jonas is taking the week off so we are going to do fun things every day when I get off work at 2. I feel like a written summary later on is doubtful, but pictures on FB later, to be sure. :) One of the most exciting things I did this week was sign up to take part in the Sketchbook Project (see also the new badge on the right side panel). I chose the blue cover and my theme is "make mine a double...". If you have ideas for me, please do send me a note and perhaps I can incorporate it into the sketchbook. I'm sure I will blog more about the process once I get my sketchbook in the mail (and hopefully go up to San Francisco when the tour comes around in early 2011), but for now, here's some art (much of it from other people's sketchbooks) that I've been collecting to share. (1.Camila do Rosario, 2. Elachrym, 3. Tobiee, 4. & 5. via LoveYourChaos, 6. via Parker Young, 7. & 8. Ginny Branch Stelling, 9. & 11. via Suzywire, 10. Sophie Blackall 12. Sabine Pieper, 13. Laura Laine, 14. & 15. via LoveYourChaos, 16. Nicolas Marlet)

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  1. Wow, incredible works! Love your use of mixed media!

    I'm your newest follower!



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