Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Sweet

I have a new hair style. :) Then I promptly went out and had my picture taken, thanks to Sarah Croswhite and her excellent photography skills! Maybe my next hair-do will be a mohawk to match Jonas's. ^^ Here's one of Sarah's photos & and also the picture that inspired this cut (via moodboard). 

I'm only working 8-2, 4 days a week this summer. Excited to have play time, but also thinking about getting into the Etsy business to make some extra bucks. I'm sure I'll tell you all about it if it happens. Meanwhile, I've been eating sushi, getting pwnd at Call of Duty, reading in the sunshine, watching possums steal strawberries, picking the first ripe blackberries, listening to upbeat tunes (planning to update the playlist soon) & re-vamping the blog. You can now find old posts that contain content that interests you by browsing the categories to the right (it was a little bit difficult labeling things retro-actively; should be more clear from here on out). Another little thing, my visitor map reset after a full year. 2013 visits was the final count. Thanks everyone! 

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