Saturday, April 10, 2010

Red Light, Sunlight

You know how sometimes you see a photo or watch a video or hear a song and it hurdles you into one of those sound tunnel, step back moments? Totally just got that from this documentary, Born into Brothels. It's about an hour and a half long, but I highly recommend it if you can find a little slice of time. What a concept to take the simple joy of art and seeing beauty through photos to give even the chance of hope to a child who otherwise has nothing. // Coming up on midterms, I suspect. Not a fan of the piling up projects. As the end of school draws nearer, I have little more clarity into what the future contains, but for today, I feel confident that I can make it and excited, if pensive, about what's next in my life. I'm still looking for a car, job(s), and room mates in the OC area, if you have leads. :) I am working on doing a big girl thing and registering to vote as well. Hehe. Speaking of which, though I know hardly anything about her and basically nothing about the other candidates, I'm so far of fan of Meg Whitman for the next governor of CA. And she's a Republican, no less. Bet you didn't see that one comin' from me... ;) I'm kind of proud of myself for still liking what I've heard even though I tend to be disgusted with staunch Republicans. I'm reading some very interesting stuff about health care as well in preparation for a short paper I'm writing. It's crazy because just about every single thing that people freak out about is misinformation about what's actually in the bill. I like Obama. :) // I'm a big ol' fan of Hannah and Landon Metz, hippie artist couple of NYC. Here are some of Landon's photos (love Hannah's blog as well...). They're pretty much living my dream life. I think taking sunlit photos of your spouse is about one of the most romantic things there is.

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