Friday, April 23, 2010

Over Achievers I Met & Liked

Talk about OCD... check out these incredible art pieces made from huge numbers of tiny things. Toothpicks by Scott Weaver (details here) and staples by Baptiste Debombourg (details here).

I am reconsidering a degree in the arts. It's weird not to have a solid idea of what I want to study anymore. Not as bad as I would have anticipated though. Some possible opportunities coming up at work which I'm excited about - I'll post more if they develop further. // Tomorrow I'm planning to hit Shawn & Kenna's vintage-moving-garage sale. Excited for that! In the afternoon, I might go to a comic book store with Jonas, Jordan & Jonathan as well. // Last night, Jonas and I tried a Chinese restaurant which was a total, utter failure. Boo. But we went to Starbucks later and told stories of awkward things in high school. It was fun. // I survived my Stat midterm! Nothing but more tests and projects ahead, but I'm pretty happy to have that one finished. // Tentatively moving out mid-July. School ends in early June and my sister is celebrating her graduation in early July. So many people are going to Biola these days! I'll be happy if she goes there this fall because then we'll be close to each other. :D

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