Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rules of Engagment

Notable FB happenings (from vaguely recent to very recent): 1. An old youth leader, John, and his wife Katie are having a baby girl! You know why this is extra exciting if you hung out with John in the BJ days. 2. Old friends Michelle (& Jonathan), Katy (& Sam), Rebekah (& Andrew) and new friends Mike (& Sarah) and Hannah & Brandon are all getting married! I would say love is in the air, as well as spring, possibly? Happy for all these kids. ^^ (Also make my move in the wedding coordination business!) Also a sharp increase in newly-dating friends recently - prompted by Valentine's day much? February is supposedly the month said to induce the most suicides (dead of winter in most places) but thankfully that does not appear to be happening this year. // Other notable happenings: 1. Jonas got his driver's license! Hooray!! :D 2. I got a date for my braces to come off (August 10th, possibly earlier). // Some not-so-notable but still blog worthy (?) things:
I no longer work in "the fun room" (IS/IT) at work, but I do now sit by a huge window! Today some firemen were going around with one of the maintenance workers and my coworkers were scouting out the "hot" ones and checking for wedding rings. Haha! // I feel a bit more like I'm really employed now since I'm not just set onto one project temporarily. Or not more employed per se, but more regular, which I am. Some of the paperwork I'm getting into is a beast, but it's so satisfying when I finally figure it out. // Today, it feels good to be young, even if I have no idea where I will get this or that things that I supposedly need for the "next step" in whichever direction... {by
Tim Walker - I didn't steal it from your site, sir.}

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