Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tree Killers

I'm off to Yosemite tomorrow with "Rocky & Friends" which is what I call the college Bible study I've been attending. // My peeps keep putting furniture in my room... not quite sure what's going to happen with it yet. // There was the most incredible rainbow this afternoon. One of those that you hope everyone had a chance to see, but at the same time is a special thing just for you. // Went to return a Bath & Body Works gift today - well, exchange, I should say. My favorite scents are Rice & Shea Butter and Black Raspberry Vanilla, I think. You? // I'm really liking Brazilian music right now. CeU from before, but also this video by Seu Jorge is, well, swoony. // Wouldn't it to cliff jump after being married? Maybe just fun to look at pictures. // My mum offered me all the money I get from selling back old textbooks if I do - yata! Thanks mom. :D // The city finally made good on their threats to start a road through the fields by our house - aka plow the best spot in all SM. Bye lazy frog pond, bye tree swing, bye summer night bike spot, bye eucalyptus forest where many a magical photo was shot, bye lizards, bye gullys and tree canopies, bye melon baybays and memories. I hope the construction workers are hit by lightning. So there. // I'm mad. // Grr. // So, buy impounded car for ~$500? [Y/N] // I might have to pierce myself to forget about the pain in my heart over that good for nothing new road. Or lip? {via the Satorialist}//

Susan went to be with Jesus around 5am on Jan. 6, 2010. My guess is that such an excellent artist couldn't be happier anywhere else. To see things through her lens is truly wondrous. Her pictures are home to me.

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