Friday, December 4, 2009


WINTER WONDERLAND ~ in photos. :) I have to create this vibe visually since California never looks like this. ^^ {1. via Style Me Pretty 2. & 3. Patrick Demarchelier}

4. I've been waiting for a while to blog about this band because it wasn't wintery enough to show the poster. :j It's a little punk rock, or something, but I especially like the song "Lips Like Morphine." You can listen to it here. I hope I can fit in a concert when I'm in SF for Christmas. It seems like all the good bands play there or LA. Know of anyone who will be playing from the 24th to 28th?

5. A pink church?! {Erik Ekroth} A. From my favorite Christmas Album of all time. Thank you, Sarah McLachlan. 6. Some holiday glam I put together on Polyvore.

{above 7. via Parker Young & below 8. Art and Ghosts 9. via frombetsywithlove}

10. I love the contrast of the green fence on the snow {Abandoned Houses} 11. via Happy Mundane 12. Vintage Vogue cover, Dec. 1933.

B. Excellent video with that winter atmosphere "buzz". Someday, I shall see Bon Iver.

Merry Winter! {link to blog}

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