Saturday, September 19, 2009


Ok, for real the 100th post. And I'm about to hit 500 visitors to this blog too. Thanks everyone! // My grandparents from Texas are here for the weekend. :) We're all headed to my Aunt's reception in Ojai tomorrow evening. // My hair changed colors! Or more accurately, I changed the color of my hair. I will have to update my header now. // I am swamped in school work - about to hit the first wave of tests. *tremble. // So, how would you like to live in a house like this (from Ngong House [hotel?] in Africa, via Afar Magazine)? [Woah... downloaded Picasa last night and trying to use it for the first time now. This could transform my use of pictures...Sorry if I end up reformatting this post a million bajillion times. // Ok, well, I successfully Picasa-ed picture #1 but when I try and paste in the HTML for the others, only the actual HTML text shows in the post... anyone know why that is?]

Or, if you're afraid of falling out of bed and killing yourself, literally, live on a junk raft instead like Swoon.

Ok, back to work for me. Have a restful weekend, all!
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