Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This artist, Jude Miller, is amazing. She makes these sprigs out of paper and wire and beads. They cost about $100 each, but they look absolutely exquisite and completely real, no?

I get a little giddy thinking about decorating a home some day... I won't be buying $100 dollar flowers or
wallpaper/fabric directly from Schumacher, who made these, but I'm always prowling cheap stores and taking notes on how to make stuff look awesome with no money. ^^ I put bars of colors under these prints that I thought would go well (the orange one was put together by someone else though).

My friend Ides introduced me to this Brazilian singer, Cibelle. I'm thinking about perming my hair like hers. ^^ We shall see! This Green Grass video is lovely and whimsical and must have taken a really long time to animate.

Summer is almost here. Mixed feelings on that. :j
Here are some summer lovelies. Tea cup lights from Domestic Construction and bench photo via Style Me Pretty.

Hope there is sunshine where you are too! :)

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