Saturday, May 16, 2009

beforehand.script. I added a music playlist of some of my recent faves at the bottom of the page in case you feel like looking and listening at the same time! :)

I think this photo is lovely. It's of a cherry tree in Tokyo, by *wingmar on DeviantArt. I love summer nights.

I'm always writing on napkins, and it sure does have a sweet homey feel about it when you can make it look presentable. My mum pointed out how nicely the brown paper envelope goes with the invitation too. Via Mika78.

I got a new pair of 9West sunshine yellow heels last time I was down in TO, but the heel protector things fell off within the first 15 minutes of ware. Must find a solution. For now I'm wearing beaded "India" flats a lot. :) Photo by Corrie Bond, and isn't that the cutest, most creative, most impractical type-face ever? I love it!

Hope you're all having a restful weekend.

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