Monday, March 30, 2009

Stumbled across this photographer, Rachel Papo, the other day and love her work. Perhaps her most powerful album is on this band of female Israeli soldiers. It's worth a look. Excellent photos of a stage production of The Nutcracker as well.

Just heard about this new film, Samson and Delilah, coming out on May 7th.  It may just be an Australian thing because I can hardly find a thing on it on youtube! To see the trailer, go to the film's website and click on the box that says view trailer to the left of the page. Looks like a gem to me.

All of these things are kind of unrelated, but none the less inspirational data in need of sharing, imo! This sport is known as parkour or free running and I have a friend who's pretty in to it. So far, no broken bones. There's a movie called Yamakasi about this band of parkour artists/ modern day Robin Hood characters that's pretty tight, but it's not too main stream, I don't think, because it's a foreign film (French), but I think I got it off Netflix a few years back.  It's rumored that it took the actors 8 years to train for the film. I've heard there is a sequal as well. This clip may or may not be from the sequal (haven't seen it) - sorry the music gets on your nerves after a bit, but the video is so cool!

And finally for today, doesn't this wedding just wreak of indie awesomeness and hippie style youth?! Ohmygosh! I can't wait to be married when I see this type of photo. Hehe. (by Jose Villa).

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